How We Got Started

Lean Global Consultancy is an established business improvement consultancy but that our MD has always had a passion for remote piloted aircraft systems and photography; something he did over 25 years serving in the army.

The idea to diversify the business came early last year and through a series of Commercial Drone Pilot courses and investment in the latest and safest drone technology, we now offer aerial photography and cinematography across a range of sectors including construction, agriculture, sport, tourism and leisure.



20 Mega Pixel 1’’ camera sensor capable of capturing video and photos in stunning 4K at up to 60 frames per second.

Fully stabilised gimbal in roll, pitch and yaw able to move between -90° through to +30°.

Intelligent Flight Features

The DJI Phantom 4 Pro collects geospatial data via GPS as well as on board vision and infra-red sensors to aid intelligent flight modes. These are:

Spotlight – Lock onto a selected subject during flight while the aircraft continues to move freely.

Point of Interest – The Point of Interest feature lets you orbit smoothly around an object or structure, ensuring your flight time is as focused as possible. A useful method for mapping a building, piece of infrastructure or other environmental feature.

Tripod – When you’re navigating confined spaces, there’s no margin for error. Tripod allows you to fine-tune the positioning and angle of the drone, ensuring it’s exactly where it needs to be.

ActiveTrack – Follow a person or object and keep them in the frame. This valuable tracking method allows for complex, creative tracking shots.

Safety Features

Object Recognition and Collision Avoidance – The Phantom 4 Pro makes use of 5 sensor sets to give it 360° ‘vision’ that recognises and avoids objects when in flight.

Battery Management and Return to Home – The Phantom 4 Pro makes use of intelligent battery management. Should the battery level drop to a point that it only has enough to fly home based on its altitude and distance from its take off point,  it will fly back safely to its take off point and land autonomously.

Other Features 

It can be flown in 3 modes (Sport, GPS and Atti) and will achieve speeds of up to 45 mph and operate in winds up to 20 knots.  Flight times are typically 25 minutes.

It is easily transported in a back pack with all its components including multiple batteries, spare propellers as well as other aids including high intensity spot lights for low light and night flying.

*Night Flight Operations*

"Thanks for this - looks fantastic - can’t wait to show it :)"

- Stuart Pugh

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