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Lean Global Consultancy can create imagery to be used for photographic artwork, website and marketing material, film and social media content.

Below are the sectors we work with:

Family Celebrations and Events

With the freedom that flight offers we are able to capture your special day from perspectives never imagined. Allow us to provide you with photos and video that generations of your family can cherish forever.

Sport and Tourism

Ever considered how drone technology might help sports coaches and their staff analyse team practice sessions or competitive matches? Perhaps following a sports car round a track or even showcasing the latest motor cruiser or yacht is something you’re considering? What about showcasing that amazing golf course and give your members unique insights into each hole brought to life through high resolution cinematography taken from our drones? 

Construction and Facilities Management

 We can create accurate, high-resolution site maps, reports, and 3D models, as well as real-time 2D Live Maps for immediate analysis. We also help to mitigate/remove risks without having to walk dangerous areas.  Our drone technology can literally take weeks out of a project schedule. We can also automatically collect roof imagery in minutes by producing smart flight plans for roof data capture. The results are high precision roof reports, supported with 3D models as required but the real value is keeping your teams safely on the ground. No more Working at Height. 

Real Estate

Give your clients the edge and market properties like no other. From taking on a property to successful sale can take weeks to months but likely to be dramatically reduced with imagery from the air. For larger properties, our services also include indoor flight, something that can be done safely in the right conditions. 

Fashion and Digital Illustration

Working with our digital illustrator we can create amazing results from aerial photographs. Perfect for fashion shoots or weddings for those that want to create something very different.

Agriculture and Forestry

We are able to provide agriculture and forestry intelligence designed to improve farming and areas of natural beauty all year round. With our technology we can easily fly up to 160 acres line of sight in about 15 minutes to provide intelligence on problem crop or forest areas. Our technology compares the proportions of light captured across different colour bands and applies a numerical value for each pixel. Variance in these numerical values helps to identify crop health variance. This provides actionable information to minimize crop and forest loss and to boost yield with rapid intervention. 

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